Headed up to sunny Queensland the day before the festival, and yes this time round it was sunny. And warm!!
Headed down to Byron Bay for the Bluesfest next morning. Arrived half an hour before gates and already the queues had formed. Don’t think they were all there for Chisel though. Found Ade from the UK in the queue. He had made the trip over to see the great Chisel. There was about six of us regulars who got our spot at the front of the stage to wait the eight hours until Chisel appeared.
There was two hours to wait until the music started, time to catch up with everyone and have a laugh.
The Hands were on first - awesome, love these guys. Lachy and Clayton Doley, such talented brothers. Have seen The Hands many times and it was great to see them here. They got a warm reception from the crowd. With all their other commitments The Hands do not get together often enough. Both of the CD’s were on sale and they did a signing after their set.
From then on the crowd moved into the Mojo tent and getting in and out was difficult, The six of us were stuck!   
Trombone Fatty came on next; he was quite talented and not too bad. Ziggy Marley followed, found him to be not too exciting and a bit boring really. The last before Chisel was Morning Jacket, they were awful, it was noise not music, or as someone described it - drug fucked music. Could not wait for them to get off.
Finally what we had spent the day waiting for and it was so worth the wait. Cold Chisel rocked onto the stage and took control with Standing On The Outside. It was a new set, a new look, new clothes but it was the same full on show with a great mix of songs. Six songs from the new album, No Plans, mixed in with the hits. It was a great combination and the new songs fitted in so well, just like they belonged, and they do.  No Plans is an awesome album, one of their best I’d say and the songs included - No Plans,  HQ454 Monroe, Everybody, Summer Moon, All For You and Dead And Laid To Rest are brilliant, all of them. There was no acoustic part to the show this time, although Yakuza Girls was still the slower version. Not sure where Mossy was going with Bow River but he stuffed up the words and Jimmy followed - but both had a good laugh and were back on track quickly. When The War Is Over was the first song of the encore and again Mossy was lost and Jimmy had to step in and help out, he started singing Mossy’s part until he got sorted. He is a guitarist hey! There was a good vibe on stage, all getting along and playing brilliantly. Charley is so much part of the Chisel family now and so belongs in the band. The crowd were on fine form too singing along loudly to all the favourites. There were a couple of scuffles but nothing major, everyone was there for the music, whether it be Chisel or one of the many other bands that played during the day. It was a great atmosphere, especially in the Mojo tent.
When Chisel had finished the tent cleared out quickly with many moving on to another stage in another tent, where the music continued. For us it was back to Broadbeach exhausted. It had been a long but excellent day. Chisel so worth the long wait. The things we do!!



Standing On The Outside
Cheap Wine
No Plans
HQ454 Monroe
Saturday Night
Forever Now
Yakuza Girls
My Baby
Rising Sun
Summer Moon
Choir Girl
All For You
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
When The War Is Over
Dead And Laid To Rest
Four Walls